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          Solarity shop is a B2B portal for professional PV installers. It serves also as an online price list of Solarity. You can manage orders, make a new demand and see order overviews including all related documents.

          Solarity is a distributor and wholesaler of photovoltaic systems. We offer a complete assortment of both on and off grid solutions, including modules, inverters, mounting systems and accessories to PV professionals.

          What can I do at Solarity shop?

          • Check current prices 24/7
          • Sort and filter products
          • Download datasheets
          • Inquire or directly order products
          • Check you current order status and all related documents
          • Check product availability 
          • Compare products by features

          How can I contact you?  

          You can email us at  info@solarity.eu or check the  contact page depending on your request. 

          YOUR ACCOUNT

          How to register?

          Registration is very simple, just fill in the basic identification data. Watch a short instructional video and see for yourself.

          Follow this PDF guide for detailed instructions on how to register. 

          What is my customer profile for?

          In your customer profile you can find the list of your orders, their status, tracking links, the list of all issued invoices, proforma invoices, manuals, warranty lists etc., related to your orders. You can also modify your billing addresses, shipping addresses, your customer details and more.

          What is the difference between Send a demand and Send an order?

          • Send a demand: In case you are unsure about the best products for your project, you can send only a demand and our Sales Representative will get back to you with the best option for your project. Send demand option is also required when you request an unavailable product, or if you place an order over 200 000 €.
          • Send an order: If you are sure about what you want, you can send the order directly.   

          What do the different colours and letter next to my ordered items mean? 

          The colors and letters are different document statuses that can help you identify quickly the status of your orders. Learn how to differentiate  document statuses.

          What is Fast order?

          Fast order will help you find the item you are looking for and put the requested quantity directly into the cart. Learn how to  create Fast order.

          How to upload a large number of products to the cart?

          To enter a larger number of items at once, you can use the function of uploading a .csv file.  Learn how to upload a .csv file.


          What are the payment conditions?

          Prices do not include VAT and shipping costs. Prices are valid for transfer payments 100% in advance. The contract is only concluded when we confirm the order in writing. Our  General Terms and Conditions apply. 

          What do Silver and Gold prices mean?

          Silver and Gold prices are special prices available to our clients who are part of  Solarity Partner program

          What is the Partner program?

          Solarity Partner program is a loyalty program for our important and faithful clients. More information on Solarity Partner Program.  


          What kind of transport do you offer?

          All shipments are insured under CMR limits or individually. You can choose between two types of transport DAP or EXW. 

          1. DAP: All goods are delivered to the required address by our logistic partners such as Dachser, Schenker, DHL or others transporters (INCOTERMS 2010).
          2. EXW: You pick up the goods from our local warehouse (INCOTERMS 2010).

          What is the delivery time?

          Delivery time is determined by stock availability and receipt of payment.

          What are the delivery terms?

          Every delivery is unique, according to specific volume and type of transport. When you are submitting your order, an estimated price for the transport is generated. For a precise number, please wait for our staff to confirm the transport quotation.


          Are the products under warranty? 

          Individual warranties for products are provided by the manufacturers. You can find detailed information on their websites. Standard warranties are indicated on each product page in the technical specifications. Solarity facilitates interactions with manufacturers in case of any warranty issues.

          Do you have a claim to submit?

          Proceed according to our claim page guide to submit your claim.

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