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          SolarEdge INLINE ENERGY METER WITH ENERGY NET, 3PH 230/400V, 65A

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          SOLAREDGE INLINE ENERGY METER WITH ENERGY NET, 3PH 230/400V, 65A More information

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          The energy meter is used for production, consumption or import/export monitoring, and for export limitation. The meter has high accuracy readings, and by a wide selection of current transformers (50A – 1000A)* supports residential and commercial installations.
          The meter connects to the SolarEdge inverter or commercial gateway via RS485 Plug-in.
          For installation and configuration instructions, refer to the export limitation application note.

          Key Benefits:

            • Conveniently fits into standard electrical cabinets
            • ±1% accuracy when performing export/import, production and consumption measurements
            • Integrated current transformers for fast installation and reduced labor costs
            • Communicates wirelessly with all devices through SolarEdge Energy Net (RS485 is optional), with optional antenna for extended range
            • Enables direct connection of up to 65A per phase, for single and three phase grid connections
            • Automatic setup detection with the SolarEdge inverter
            • Intuitive meter configuration and meter status visibility using SetApp

          Why Meter?

          Boost customer satisfaction: Metering provides homeowners with real-time insight into their energy usage, helping them save electricity costs and avoid bill shocks. That means fewer service calls and more referrals for your business.

          Unlock additional upsell opportunities: Keep the revenue rolling by helping your customers understand when it’s time to add more solar or smart features like batteries, EV charging and smart energy devices.

          Faster installs mean more installs

          Grow your revenues with an easily installed, highly accurate production and consumption metering solution that fits comfortably into standard electrical cabinets.

          The SolarEdge Home Inline Meter features:

          • Wireless communications with the inverter via the SolarEdge Energy Net  platform, avoiding the hassle of long RS485 cabling
          • Integrated current transformers, eliminating the need to install them externally
          • Ability to extend transmission range using an optional external antenna

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          SolarEdge INLINE ENERGY METER WITH ENERGY NET, 3PH 230/400V, 65A

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